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I had to PAUSE even when bouncing to Bey


Sometimes uncomfortable feelings appear when you least expect it. This video talks about a trigger that happened to me last night, while at a Beyonce Dance party with my buddy Abby.

There are times during our day when seemingly predictable and mundane events cause uncomfortable feels. Feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, unsafe, apprehensiveness, or scared while doing that thing you have done one thousand times is perfectly reasonable. The problems start when you continue on autopilot, or go with the motions of the routine, without taking a moment to Press Pause and notice what is happening to your body, emotions, and your thoughts.

Now, this is not to say abruptly stop what you are doing and worry about what is wrong with you! It means to pause. Notice or identify that something is different about this moment and promise your self to revisit the situation later.

Come on! I know that you can commit to getting to know yourself better. If I can Press Pause in the middle of a Queen Bey dance party, then you can do it during mundane tasks.

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