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Thank you for the ongoing support and encouragement from my family, friends, fellow veterans, and Camouflaged Sisters! I am ecstatic to share my veteran story with you!

This heartfelt anthology series may challenge your perceptions of what it means to be patriotic from Baddies Who Served.


What is Behind The Rank?

Behind the Rank, Vol. 4 is a collection of heartfelt stories, soul-baring admissions, and valuable advice from women veterans and service members who've faced the pressures of being a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend, while serving their country. 

Featuring the personal stories of Siobhan Cunningham (that's me), Lila Holley (founder of Camouflaged Sisters LLC), and ten other dynamic women who have come together to impart knowledge, guidance, and compassion to support the women leaders who are now serving.


These stories will inspire you to: 

  • Face your life struggles head-on
  • Stop suppressing your presence in a "man's world"
  • Proudly acknowledge the strength it required to service
  • Celebrate womanhood

This book is for anyone who persevered despite intimidation, oppression, and harassment during their career. These stories use the military setting as a backdrop to encourage you to overcome and identify the qualities you possess.

A special note to the Baddies Who Served: YOU ALWAYS MATTER!

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