Siobhan DeAnn Consulting was created to help other Baddies find the confidence to show up!

Here are some of the most unexpected ways I learned to deal with the drama:

  • I realized that the only way I could make it through this seemingly endless situation was to lean on those who genuinely cared about me as a person.
  • I had to embrace the wisdom and the support I’d need to survive this crisis because it forced me to shift focus on loving myself again. 
  • I realized what true SELF-ADORATION means to me, and I concluded that growth is healing.

In other words, a life without challenges is a life without growth opportunities.

Hello! I am Siobhan. It's so lovely to meet you.

As a child, I met a hospital social worker in the clinic where my mom received medical treatment.
This sparked my interest in helping others. I received a Bachelor of Social Work from Florida State University in 2008 and a Master of Social Work from Barry University in 2009.
Then ventured into child welfare, cancer treatment, palliative care, grief, behavioral health therapy, and educational fields.

My journey as a social work officer in the United States Air Force was the most challenging and insightful chapter of my life. As a result of service, I experienced situations where peers and commanders questioned my ability to do my job. I used my training in trauma-informed care and value-based practices to survive a treacherous and extraordinary time in my life.


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Bestselling Author 

Can you imagine believing that no one understands a mission failure better than you? Or not knowing that there’s a community to lean on during the lowest times of your life?

I provide a more detailed account of this pivotal moment of my life in Behind the Rank, Vol 4. Click here for a signed copy of this heartfelt anthology series for Baddies Who Served in the military by Lila Holley of Camouflaged Sisters.

My mission is to plant the seed that every person has the strength to live a life that honors their values.

Learn More About Behind the Rank, Vol 4
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One Day At A Time

For me, living my best life means coping with challenges, exploring the tough stuff that gets in my way, and taking time for myself as often as possible.

There's a lot to share and discuss. Let's start this creative journey towards purposeful living together!

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