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Create a Weekly Goal that Prioritizes
your To-Dos into Its-Done.

This free cheat sheet reveals the key factors to consider
when building a business around your lifestyle.

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I was tired of supervisors and CEOs only telling me that I wasn’t good enough during annual performance evaluations without any valuable feedback about how I can meet those expectations.

That’s why our programs help you unlock your creative energy and focus your journey on what’s best for your lifestyle and business.

We do this by sorting through the noise that causes frustration, confusion, and burnout, while implementing strategies that’ll elevate your life and business.

Imagine having the self-confidence
to laugh-out-loud

when the CEO of the company the you work for tells you,
“You’re great, but we’re going with someone else.”

Instead, you’re working countless hours
for a job that’s:

    • -  Painfully dull and chaotic

    • -  Making you answer to clueless bosses who don’t respect your experience

    • -  Driving you crazy because no one seems to care about the why behind all the work

    There's a reason you're

    • Scouring the internet for advice

    • Reading self-help books and taking promising courses from out-of-touch gurus

    • Switching hobbies and business ideas as soon as it seems just out of reach

    Basically, doing all the things that are stifling your shine and stealing your creative possibilities.

    Hey Baddie!

    It’s Siobhan (think “tah-da!” Sha-Von)

    I believe in your Spark. It’s a beacon that radiates from within.

    Tired of working a 9-5 that seems to provide

    more roadblocks than support and encouragement? After years of service as a licensed clinical therapist and social work officer in the US Air Force, I decided to stop rage quitting dead-end career promises and start living purposefully and lovingly.

    I’ve successfully helped hundreds of clients breakthrough the invisible barriers that stifle their shine by boldly reclaiming their Spark.

    When I’m not being a Baddie (badass lady who has the confidence to handle adulting like a boss), I’m binge watching Love and Hip Hop Miami - because it reminds me of home — and traveling with my family.

    My best Baddie moment so far happened in 2019 when I realized that my voice has power and I have the opportunity to use this gift to help others connect with the fun-loving creative spirit of feminine energy and self-adoration.

    Introducing the Baddie Blueprint

    A complete framework for radiating self-adoration and supercharging your creative abundance.

    Prepare to Elevate

    Amplify your AWARENESS of where you want to be

    - Learn the Psychology of Self-Talk
    - Understand the Science of Mindset

    Find Your Diva

    Emerge from behind the curtain of *broken dreams* and find your SHINE

    - Are you doing too much of the WRONG things?
    - Find yourself doing not enough of the BEST things?

    Reclaim Your Spark

    It’s time to Illuminate Your Shine and focus on pursuing your passions in life

    - Breaking Baddie: Unlock Your Magic and Reclaim Your Spark
    - Flowology 101: The Playful Dance of Structure & Creativity

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    Prevent burn-out and take the next step.

    Create a Weekly Goal that Prioritizesyour To-Dos into Its-Done.

    This free cheat sheet reveals the key factors to consider when building a business around your lifestyle.