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Stop feeling out-of-control, as if you don't matter, and constantly searching for more.

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Transitions Can Be Tough

If you are like me, you were super excited to be moving on to the next phase of your life, to proudly claim yourself as a veteran and honor your legacy of service.


However, despite having the freedom to do what you want, your biggest question is, “Now, what?”


Do you find yourself wondering, “What’s my mission now”?

The Embracing Freedom Framework guides you through 7 modules that will allow you to discover your purpose after service. Through coaching, sisterhood, and education, you’ll stop going through the motions of day-to-day life and start embracing your new mission.

In the military, success was rewarded with accommodation medals and service awards. 

Now that you’re out, recognition is often inconsistent or non-existent.  There’s no guarantee that your hard work will pay off and it seems like there’s nothing concrete to work towards.


In the military, leadership would at least pretend to listen to your feedback.  

Now that you’re out, no one respects your opinion or what you have to say. And, if you ask a direct question, you’re labeled as ‘confrontational’.



In the military, expectations were crystal clear. Even with conflicting feedback, it was easy to know if you were doing a good job or not. 

Now that you’re out, your supervisors don’t communicate effectively and you have to guess if you’re doing the right thing. 


In the military, you were part of something greater than yourself and everyone worked together towards a common goal. 

Now that you’re out of th uniform, your sense of identity and purpose is no longer connected with a common mission or shared values.


The Embracing Freedom Framework empowers women veterans so she can stop feeling judged, unheard, and taken for granted and start discovering what truly makes them happy after serving.
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EFF helps you answer the following questions:


Who am I?

What makes me happy?

What’s important to me?

Why do I feel lonely and disconnected?

Why don’t I see myself how my friends see me?

What does success mean to me now?

What do I want my life to look like now?


What is The Embracing Freedom Framework?

This program uses coaching, sisterhood, and education to empower women veterans so they can stop feeling judged, unheard, and taken for granted to discovering what makes them truly happy after serving.

Explore your motivations, beliefs, and values

Develop meaningful goals by tapping into your intentions, wants, and needs 

Find the time to do more of what matters to you by removing roadblocks and taking a different route 

Regain control over your time by doing less of the things you dread

Become a Perf'cktionist! Let go of the judgements that are secretly making you miserable

Leverage your courage by scratch the surface of the tough stuff that you have been through and create your own path towards healing

Begin celebrating yourself daily and embracing the freedom to live a life that honors your values

Is EFF for you?

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“As a social worker and therapist, I have spent most of my life helping people reconnect with who they are. I believe that everyone benefits from becoming reacquainted with their inherent strengths and values.”

- Siobhan


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